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Rich Owner Secrets

"What If You Could Suddenly Have Your Salon Business
Make More Money With Much Less Stress And Much
Less Uncertainty, All While Having Much
More Fun Than You Ever Thought Possible..."

To: Salon & Spa Owner,

Are you sick and tired of putting so much hard work and precious time into your salon, your spa, YOUR business… without making the money you deserve?

Are you sick and tired of making your staff happy, making sure your clients are delighted, but never having the time, money or energy to look after YOURSELF?

Have you noticed that the beauty, spa and hair industry seems to have DOUBLED in competition… with new salons and spas opening every day and department stores selling more and more hair care and skin care products that you could once only get in salons and spas?

If you have said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are not alone. Thousands of other salon and spa owners across North America feel the same way. You are about to be stunned and delighted by the breakthrough solutions to these surprisingly common problems...

But First, Meet Your Mentor, Dan Lok…

Dan Lok was a college dropout working in a local supermarket as a grocery bagger for minimum wage when he set out to make something of himself.

A true immigrant success story – Dan came to North America as a teenager with little knowledge of English and no contacts.

Through hard work, relentless determination, guidance from his mentors, he became a self-made millionaire by the age of twenty-seven.

With all his street smarts and real life business experience, he was able to open a salon business and built it from scratch into a successful six-figure business in less than a year. Today, his salon is one of the most successful in Vancouver, Canada. He has survived a staff walkout, an outrageous tax increase – even a flood in his salon! Dan has survived virtually everything thrown at him as a salon owner.

Widely celebrated as the #1 business expert in the salon and spa industry, and as a rich salon owner, Dan’s personal mission is to help other salon and spa owners around the world increase their income while working significantly less.

Dan has pioneered the Rich Owner Movement, the concept of salon and spa owners living rich not only in money, but also in happiness and quality of life.

Dan strongly believes it makes no sense when you provide excellent services, work very hard, do your best and still have to struggle to make ends meet.

He believes salon owners that do a good job and provide value to their clients deserve to be rich.

Dan is taking the industry by storm with his 17 Rich Owner success secrets. He’s transforming salon owners across the world from “starving artists” into well-paid professionals.

Dan is an advocate of making your business work FOR YOU, instead of you working for it, so that you can experience more freedom, make more profits and have more fun.

Dan created Rich Owner Secrets™ to lead salon owners through their own reinvention at all levels via an exciting LIVE experience… giving them new ideas, tools, and strategies to propel their businesses and lives to new heights.

Rich Owner Secrets™ delivers an exclusive combination of insight, information, and business strategies that can be found nowhere else. In fact, Dan guarantees it

What if there was a very unique event where you could learn how to best leverage your time and dollars to create the most profitable results?What would it do for your business if you were able to work side-by-side with the leading business expert in the beauty industry, who gave you the exact strategies necessary to increase profits and sales?

What if you also walked away with a massive action plan that you can implement immediately to make more money, get more clients and sell more retails?

Great news! You can. July 27th, 28th and 29th, Dan will be presenting an intensive 3-day workshop for those people, like you, who want to transform the way they market, operate, and manage their salon business.

At This Powerful Event, You’ll Discover:

What Other Salon And Spa Owners Just Like You Are Saying
About Dan Lok And His Rich Owner Secrets Event

There’s a system to push myself towards the dreams and security for my future. It’s 2 days and I know we probably got one percent of a million percent that he’s possibly given us, but in my world for me, Dan’s given me a million percent. The ones who think they couldn't will, I know they will.

Lourdes Aguirre
Salon Owner
Lou’s Styling Place

Dan talked about membership. I am going to start doing membership instead of customers. Dan showed me how to do all that. This is just not for salon or spa people, as a dog groomer, I got a lot out of it because I can just the same techniques in my shop as well.

Debbie Cooper
Salon Owner
Sham-Pooches Grooming Spa

I was like oh my god, that’s filling in all the blanks of where I am weak, and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, I just want to put my passion behind things that are already proven. I knew Dan could offer me pieces, but I got way more. It’s life changing.

Kimberley Katerenchuk
Salon Owner
Tapping Health Massage

I believe Dan brought up so many different points that can be applied to many types of business. This is really amazing. I wish I could attend this type of meeting once every 3 months.

Sal and Rita Carrozza
Salon Owners
Rita’s Hair Design

A lot of the things it’s not just about the hair or the service you provide. There’s nothing like it in our industry. So many owners are afraid to come together and share information, but if you don’t open up, there’s no way you can receive so we stayed at the same level.

Vibert Ulrick Martin
Salon Owner
Tiramisu Salon

I don’t have any experience in the salon business, that’s why I am here to learn from Dan. If you are like somebody’s open-minded and you want to do something different than other salons, this is a good place you want to come.

Peter Troung
Salon Owner
Chinook Nails Palace

The seminar allows me to delegate a lot more tasks so I won’t feel as stressed at work.

Kyla Anderson
Salon Owner
N V Hair & Body Studio

I have been working alone for the last couple years. I am afraid of going through the procedure of hiring the wrong people again and trying to find the ways to pick the right kind of employees. Dan is very inspiring to me.

Brenda Moore
Salon Owner
Great Lengths Hair Studio

Take courses with Dan. He’s the mentor and he’s GOOD!

Jimmy Wong
Salon Owner
Hair Garage

The seminar is so wonderful. I couldn’t believe it, it’s a lot of fun. If you have questions you need answers for, Dan is like a counsellor, whom you can trust.

Kelly Du
Salon Owner
Solar Nail & Spa

It’s actually a changing day of my life. It’s totally a whole new revolution. Instead of feeling, being crushed by society, I feel like I can be a product of the society.

Beverly Paquette
Salon Owner
Secrets Day Spa

It’s amazing. Dan forces to think outside of the box. Dan is a fun guy. He’s honest, straightforward. He tells you things the way they are. What I like about him is he's talking from his own experience.

Amir Jan
Sultana’s Beauty Clinic

Now I can deal with staff better and delegate better, so I can free up more of my time.

Allison Burke
Salon Owner
Studio Max Hair and Beauty

It really opens up my eyes. Dan is very knowledgeable in this business.

Ricky Shum
Salon Owner
Captured Image Salon

I was so looking forward to this seminar. I was ready. In these 2 days, it was absolutely wonderful. I met so many wonderful people. Dan Lok was just amazing. I really from the bottom of my heart want to wish Dan all the best in his good doing. He doesn’t even know how much heart he’s touched in these 2 days. I am going to remember this forever.

Halyna Ruduke
Salon Owner
Marquis Hair


Rich Owner Secrets™ is a full-on 3-day event that only happens once a year and is run by Dan himself, LIVE and IN PERSON.

By utilizing high-impact, breakthrough processes, you will experience both immediate and long term changes that include higher income, more freedom, less stress, more control, true power and a sense of inner peace.

Rich Owner Secrets™ event is taught using high-involvement, quantum learning techniques that allow you to learn faster, remember more and have tons of fun all while dramatically improving your bottom line.

Simply put - it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced before. This event WILL BE life-changing for you. By the end, you will re-ignite your passion for your salon or spa business.

You will walk away with the specific strategies necessary to double, or even triple your profits.

You will know exactly how to make your business financially successful. Attendees simply called it the best 3 days of their lives.

To maximize this learning environment, only 98 seats have been set aside. So register immediately and purchase your ticket to this premier salon event that will change your life!


If you’re the kind of person that likes to sit in the back row with their arms crossed, be cynical about everything and not participate or contribute, this event is NOT for you.

If you are open to new ideas and you’re interested in discovering new ways to continuously improve your business with other serious owners, then you’ll be in the right place.

This event is designed specifically for owners and it’s NOT appropriate for employees to attend due to the sensitive nature of the materials and concepts being covered.


Obviously, price just CANNOT be a barrier here. The only legitimate question is, “What will it cost you NOT to attend?” It could be tens of thousands of dollars or more!

Think you are too busy to take 3 days to attend? Think again. If you can’t even take three days away from your business, and your business will not function without your constant supervision, then you absolutely must attend this event. You CANNOT afford to miss this event.

July 27th, 28th and 29th, 2013
Hilton Vancouver Airport · Vancouver, BC

All tickets are VIP - Your ticket INCLUDES morning coffee,
materials, afternoon coffee, and networking.

Individual Ticket Only $1297 Two-Tickets Only $2594
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Individual Registration
Only $1297

Two-Ticket Special
Bring your spouse or business partner.
Only $2594

* Contact us about group discounts of three or more

Event Schedule:
Saturday, July 27: 9am—9pm • Sunday, July 28: 9am–9pm • Monday, July 29: 9am–6pm

If you have any remaining questions about the upcoming event just contact or Call 1-800-388-2923 now.

We’re here to help!

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